Executive Director Position Opening

General description
The executive director is hired by the board to exercise responsibility for the overall leadership and operations of the Center. He or she hires and supervises the staff, implements Center services, manages the organization, and works with the board in funding and marketing. As the Center grows, certain executive, administrative, and program functions of the Center may be delegated to other persons.

Major Responsibilities

  1. Executive Leadership
  2. Administration
  3. Budget and Finance
  4. Program and Services
  5. Fund Raising
  6. Marketing and Public Relations


Executive Leadership:
  • Articulating the vision and mission of the organization
  • Meeting regularly with the staff to interpret the program's goals and objectives
  • Participating in meetings of the board of directors and advisory committees
  • Facilitating board development
  • Identifying strategies for Center development
  • Guiding the Center's planning processes
  • Building and maintaining Center relationships with supporting institutions
  • Coordinating Center administration
  • Hiring, assigning, supervising, evaluating, and discharging staff
  • Maintaining personnel records and conducting annual staff reviews
  • Building the staff team and conducting administrative staff meetings
  • Assisting the board in formulating Center policy Budget and Finance
  • Keeping the board informed about the Center’s financial position
  • Supervising financial management and financial reporting
  • Developing and managing the budget
  • Determining staff compensation

Program and Services:

  • Providing clinical services
  • Supervising program staff and coordinating clinical staff meetings
  • Coordinating consultation and educational services
  • Formulating counseling policies and procedures
  • Working with referral sources and area professionals
  • Arranging for outside consultants
  • Managing clinical records

Fund Raising:

  • Assessing the Center’s needs and resources
  • Working with the board to develop a fiscal strategy and fundraising plan
  • Implementing the fundraising efforts Marketing and Public Relations
  • Coordinating marketing and public relations
  • Representing the Center to the larger community
  • Building relationships with area congregations

Experience and Qualifications:

  1. Formation as a professional leader in a recognized clinical or management discipline.
    For example:
    a. As a clinician - able to meet the requirements for an advanced        level staff therapist; or
    b. As an organizational leader - able to demonstrate competency        in prior positions of organizational leadership.
  2. Knowledge and experience in the leadership and management of a nonprofit organization
  3. Strengths as an organizer and enabler of a staff team and the ability to delegate work to other persons
  4. Willingness to initiate action and exert leadership in organizational life
  5. An ability to integrate the religious mission of the Center with the Center program.
  6. Ability to work effectively as a leader among religious leaders, congregations, and other community sponsors and resource persons
  7. Sufficient knowledge and experience to serve as the staff leader in an enterprise that combines the disciplines of psychology, ministry, mental health, and business.

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