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Therapist: Kathy Hoppe

Samaritan Counseling & Growth is pleased to welcome Kathy Hoppe to the practice as a Licensed Marital & Family Therapist (LMFT) and Clinical Director. Dr. Hoppe has a doctor of ministry from Oral Roberts University as well as a master of science in psychology from Grand Canyon University. As an LMFT, Dr. Hoppe enjoys working with couples and families as well as individuals. She has recently returned to the area from New Mexico with her husband, Jeff, who is a Certified Pastoral Educator who trains chaplains and is working at the VA hospital in Muskogee. In addition to her work as a clinician, Dr. Hoppe has taught graduate and undergraduate theology and counseling courses at six universities. Her hobbies include painting, music, and reading. She is available for workshops, retreats, or seminars. 

Dr. Hoppe is now assuming the role of Clinical Therapy.  Dr. Larry Cowan, formerly Clinical Director, now serves as Executive Director, which began in February 2018.

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